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PlanetSide 2 Design

Here are some detailed information concerning the design of the three different fractions of PlanetSide 2. Every modding team can use these information for their 24h-Livemodding concept!

The Terran Republic: Rounds, curves and circles define their shape language. Their basic standard suit is a mix of somewhat modern-looking materials. You will find that the armour and weaponry of the TR is slightly worn, chipped and scratched but not as dinged and dented.
The New Conglomerate: The NC is rough and rugged. They use defined squares, hard edges, straight lines, and thick bevels. Their armour is considered "old", in comparison to the other factions. It is dirty, scratched, dented, dinged, and chipped but not compromised. The armour and clothing still needs to look like it can protect the combatant.
The Vanu Sovereignty: Fashion before form is their motto. Their look is elaborate with the feel of a carapace from a lobster. Techno-organic best describes the look that embodies the Vanu Sovereignty. VS armour is the cleanest of the three factions.