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International Casemodding Stars get on the podium!

With built-in beverage dispensers and muany organic materials the 16th International German Casemod Championship (DCMM) is as versatile as never before.
Many artist and hobby engineers gathered at the 16th International German Casemod Championship from 22. to 26. of August 2017 at gamescom in Cologne. Participants from Thailand, England, Hungary and Germany presented 38 mods on which they worked up to 1500 hours.

From a conventional case to a fashion accessory
The modded computer cases fascinated all visitors but especially mods like the "Hello Kitty" case attracted many female visitors. Some cases gained great appreciation like Heiko Rücker's "Green Light" which was made only out of recycled materials.

The most varied exhibition
The participants invested up to 5,000 Euro which resulted in a great success. For example the 1,80 meter high "Ironman Mk45" brought Jeng-Ki from Thailand the first place in the category "Beauty Case". Johannes Loew's "Microberlinia Orbis" is an noble living room table which looks more like a luxus-furniture than a computer case. It brought him the first place in the category "Case Modification". Ali Abbas lives up to his name as he won trophies in five categories.

The winner of the 16th International German Casemodding Championship:

24h Livemodding Challenge (Mods build on the event):
1. place: „Concept 17“ from Team Enermax (George Kähler & Bertram

Case Construction (completely new cases):
1. place: „ROG Carbine“ from Ronny Moor

Case Modification (rebuilt computer cases):
1. Platz: „Microberlinia Orbis – Wohnzimmertisch“ from Johannes

Cases on the Move (mods with moving parts):
1. Platz: „Dalek Dev“ from Stefan Ulrich

Consumer Electronics (rebuilt electric devices):
1. Platz: „WARHAMMER“ from Ali Abbas

Most spectacular creation (visitor-vote):
1. Platz: „I am Groot!“ from Stefan Blass

Beauty Case (just female visitor-vote):
1. Platz: „Ironman Mk45“ from Siratas Vutipapornkul

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