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Ali AbbasHenning WolterRonny Moor
Piracy and ProphecyBattlefield 4 Radiobeacon Reacon SetMaker EVO Deluxe


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Ali AbbasStefan UlrichRonny Moor
ArmageddonArcade DragonLight Glass

Most Spectacular Creation

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Xing KaiAli AbbasKathrin Diederich
Knight of Darkness, BatmanArmageddonBehemoth Battlecruiser


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Henning WolterAli AbbasGeorge Kähler
Battlefield 4 Reacon SetBuccaneer Bay SetRetroPie Console

24h Live-Modding-Challenge

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Stefan Ulrich & Kathrin DiederichGeorge Kähler & Simon KrauseAli Abbas & Monia Reuter
Call the doctorConcept 16A tribute to H.R. Giger

Cases on the move

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Ali AbbasHenning Wolter & Matthias StreserMartin Blass
ArmageddonNutella DispenserWhy so sad?

Germany's most beautiful Beauty Case

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Stefan Ulrich & Kathrin DiederichSiratas VutipapornkulDavid Lorenz
Call the DoctorInfinity gauntledHot Water