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The International German Casemodding Championship

Since 2002, the DCMM (translated: International German Casemod Championship) is an established event in the casemodding-industry. As an annual highlight in the casemodding-szene, the DCMM takes place at the Dreamhack, Leipzig.

The top of the international Casemodding-elite meets there and presents their exhibits crafted in many hours of work. Experts from the casemodding-szene evaluate the cases, which were elected in a pre-online-voting on the basis of fix criteria. The categories are: CaseMod, CaseCon, CE-Mod, Livemodding-Challenge, CAM-Mods and the LAN-category.

During the three days of the venue, teams with two members each will compete in the category of live-modding. They are granted 24 hours over the three days to style up the looks of their PC-cases.

The Categories


Casemods (case modification) - includes modded serial-cases


Casecons (case construction) - includes entirely self-planned and self-constructed cases


CE-Mods (consumer electronics) - includes remodeled cases like toasters or coffee makers

Live Modding

Live-Modding-Challenge (cases crafted on site during the first three days of the venue)

CAM-Kategorie (computer aided modding)

For the first time, machine-made cases and parts will be judged by the jury at the computer aided modding-category. Special attention is paid to the design factor. This is a special category. Cases from all other categories will be judged.


Previously registered cases in the LAN-Area get the chance to get rated by the jury. The 3 winners will be awarded at the presentation ceremony on sunday.

Most Spectacular Creation

"Germany´s most spectacular creation" will be elected by the visitors of the DCMM. (Casmods, Casecons, CE-mods, CAM-Mods or the constructions crafted during the Live-Modding-Challenge are no longer broken up into different categories for this election) The election will be based on the audience´s personal opinion alone, as opposed to the jury s evaluation process, where mainly smaller details, as well as craftsmanship are essential factors for the jury to give out high ratings.

Prettiest Beauty Case

Only the female visitors of DCMM and Dreamhack elect “The prettiest Beauty Case”. As known from the category “most spectacular creation”, there is no difference whether the creation is a Casemod, Casecon, a CAM-Mod or a CE-Mod – the case only has to fit in the topic.