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Ali AbbasGeorge KählerJohannes Loew
RENEGADE, The Public Enemytaabar sinVengance of the Vertabrae


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Ali AbbasBertram BrugnerFlorian Hering
The Black WidowBlack Sphere V2Xperience


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Matthias StreserAli AbbasMaik Schierhorn
Looping Louie RevolutionWicked Widow SetSchrott-Mod 2.1

Most Spectacular Creation

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Jens SchierhornJohannes LoewStefan Blass
Project 2012Vengance of the VertabraeSentry Turret

Cases on the move

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Ali AbbasMatthias StreserPatrick Betz & Oliver Peier
RENEGADE, The Public EnemyLooping Louie RevolutionTeam Coolermaster

24h Live-Modding-Challenge

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Henning Wolter & Matthias StreserAli Abbas & Johannes LoewPatrick Betz & Oliver Peier
Team ChaosmodderTeam Modding ManiacsTeam Coolermaster