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Dates 2021

Outline data for the 19th DCMM

Event:  19th International German Casemod Championship (DCMM, Deutsche Casemod Meisterschaft)

Deadline for registration for the 19th DCMM:

  • 8th of August, 11:59 p.m.

Event: 26th to 28th of August 2021
Thursday to Saturday: Live-Modding Challenge with the Modding Teams
Thursday: Main day of arrival for the participants of the championship apart from the Live-Modding. The arrival on Friday is possible as well.
Saturday afternoon: Winning Ceremony (exact booth number and time will be announced)

Place:XPERION Satrun E-Arena
Hansaring 97, 50670 Köln
Area:approx. 100 sqm.
Jury-members:Experts from the casemodding-scene and journalists
Registration:Registration for the 19th DCMM will be open on the 9th of July 2021.
As it will be possible to upload new pictures of the participating cases at any given time, we advise against waiting until right before the registration period is over.

The Live-Modding-Challenge is arranged for participating teams, consisting of two members each. 
Visitors:As a visitor, you not only have the opportunity to take a closer look at all the exhibits on-site, you can also submit your vote in the elections of "Most spectacular creation" and "Prettiest Beautycase".


Categories of competition:
This year, there will be six categories for you to participate in:

  • Casemods (from case modification) - includes modded serial-cases
  • Casecons (from case construction) - includes entirely self-planned and self-constructed cases
  • CE-Mods (from consumer electronics) - includes remodeled cases like toasters or coffee makers
  • CAM-category (from computer aided modding) - includes machine-made cases and parts to get rated. Special attention on the design factor
  • Live-Modding-Challenge; During the first three days of the venue, teams with two members each will compete in the category of live-modding. They are granted eight hours each day to style up the looks of their PC-cases.
There will be a jury for each category, consisting of representatives of organized casemodding-websites. At the DCMM, the three best creators for the categories Casemod, Casecons, CE-mod, keyboard-mods but also the best live-modding-team, will be determined and crowned individually.

Every Mod or Con has to accommodate a working PC or electronic device, respectively. The jury will verify functionality in case of doubt. Only for the Live-Modding-Challenge, this verification process will be skipped, due to the tight schedule. For the same reasons, your case also isn´t required to accommodate any hardware.

The most spectacular creation and the prettiest Beautycase

"The most spectacular creation" and "The prettiest Beautycase" will be elected by the visitors of the DCMM. (All the constructions crafted during the Live-Modding-Challenge are no longer broken up into different categories for this election) The election will be based on the audience´s personal opinion alone, as opposed to the jury s evaluation process, where mainly smaller details, as well as craftsmanship are essential factors for the jury to give out high ratings.

International German Casemod Championship

Since 2009, the event will be accommodating the increasing interest by Non-German modders - similar to the DTM (the German Touringcar Masters), the DCMM also comes with an additional adjective attached: "International".

You have to be at least 14 years of age to compete. Each participant may only enter one case for each category. In order to participate, contestants have to register during the registration period (see above). Registration is available here on this website.
However, we don´t recommend waiting until the last second to sign up! Especially for the Live-Modding-Challenge, the "first come, first served"-principle applies. Participation at the DCMM will be free of any charge, and also grants you free admission to the trade-show. There will also be a travel expenses allowance, which will be 1 euro for each full 10km between the venue and your home. A place to stay overnight will be provided free of charge by the DCMM as well.

Bring along
  • your mod/con with your computer installed (resp. the working CE-mod)
  • accessories of your mod/con (e.g. external LCD, modded monitor, etc)
  • accessories to start-up and run your device (cables, keyboard, mouse, maybe a multi-outlet power strip)
  • ID
  • food and drinks
Please make sure to bring your ID to the event. If you can´t show a valid ID or passport at the entrance, you will be excluded from the DCMM. Due to a lack of space, we kindly ask you to pass on bringing along a monitor, as long it is not a part of your mod. In case a monitor is required for your presentation (e.g. for images of the construction process), we ask you to use a TFT.

Also possible: Two-day participation starting on Saturday
Of course we will make it possible for you to participate only on Saturday and Sunday, if arriving on Friday does not fit to your schedule.

Friday to Sunday
  • Live-Modding-Challenge with case-modding-teams consisting of 2 members
  • The Live-Modding-Teams arrive on Wednesday. All other particpants may arrive on Thursday and by the latest until Friday forenoon.
  • Afterwards, the jury will evaluate the Casemods, Casecons, CE-mods but also the constructions crafted during the Live-Modding-Challenge
  • At the same time, visitors and media representatives can chat with the modders, take a closer look at the cases exposed, but also cast their vote for the public categories where it is up to the crowd, who will win.
  • On Saturday afternoon, there will be a huge winner´s ceremony. The exact time will be announced in advance.