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The 20th edition of the DCMM crowns its international winners and their spectacular creations!

From April 14 to 16, 2023, visitors of the international German Casemod Championship (DCMM) marveled at the 20th anniversary of the debut of the gaming festival CAGGTUS in Leipzig at the artwork of the participants, who showed their creativity and craftsmanship. From gray mass-produced goods to real one-of-a-kinds - with (re)built computer cases, the artists demonstrate versatility that not only inspires the visitors but also the expert jury. 
Jen Yu Wang from Taiwan, for example, constructed a CPU with the code name Raphael - inspired by the healing archangel and manufactured using 3D printing, among other methods. Ali Abbas also cleaned up at this year's DCMM with 4 cases: The "MARTYRIBUS IMMORTALIBUS" is a heart project for the modder and transports the visitors as well as the jury into the Middle Ages. The "LIL ALI-EN Complete Set" on the other hand opens the world of aliens to the viewers and is a homage to the artist H.R.Giger.

Casemodding fans had the choice
Not only the jury had the chance to decide about the rankings of the participants of the 20th DCMM - also the visitors of the Gaming Festival had the chance to vote! Directly on the area they could vote with their ballot paper for their personal "most spectacular creations" and chose in the voting Stefan Ulrich with his 1.8m tall T-70 X-Wing on the first place and his wife Kathrin Ulrich with Thor's Hammer on the second place. Close on the heels of the extraordinary couple was 14-year-old Jakob Seidel with his moving combine harvester in 3rd place in the public vote.

The champions of the 20th International German Casemod Championship:

Case Modification (modified series computer cases):
- 1st place: Ali Abbas (England) with LIL ALI-EN Complete Set.
- 2nd place: Monia Reuter (Germany) with Stella Aurora
- 3rd place: Stefan Blass (Germany) with Shiny

CaseCons (self-created computer cases):
- 1st place: Stefan Ulrich (Germany) with T-70 X-Wing.
- 2nd place: Ali Abbas (England) with MARTYRIBUS IMMORTALIBUS
- 3rd place: Jen Yu Wang (Taiwan) with CODE - RAPHAEL

CE-Mods (Consumer Electronics - converted other cases, 
excluding computers):
- 1st place: Ali Abbas (England) with Powerman 2022
- 2nd place: Mark Alan Githens (Germany) with BT1

LAN category (4-day LAN Challenge):
- 1st place: Waltentin Scherzer (Germany) with LeanCore 

CAM category (machine-made cases with e.g. 3D printing or laser):
- 1st place: Jen Yu Wang (Taiwan) with CODE - RAPHAEL.
- 2nd place: Stefan Ulrich (Germany) with T-70 X-Wing
- 3rd place: Ali Abbas (England) with Kyoob, NUX Gallica

Newcomer category:
- 1st place: Jen Yu Wang (Taiwan) with CODE - RAPHAEL
- 2nd place: Jakob Seidel (Germany) with combine harvester
- 3rd place: Hortensiu Milstein (Romania) with Fallout

Live-Modding Challenge (each from Germany)
- 1st place: Henning Wolter & Matthias Streser with Powerplant
- 2nd place: George Kähler & Simon Krause with concept22
- 3rd place: Sonia & Mark Alan with Githens with Wooden Skeleton

For more information on the placings and photo material, please visit or

About CAGGTUS Leipzig
CAGGTUS Leipzig is a three-day gaming festival by the community for the community. The event is all about experiencing games and gaming culture together - from playing with and against each other to partying and meeting friends, like-minded people and idols. The festival is divided into three parts: the Entertainment Area with interactive areas such as Freeplay, Event Stage and Expo, a LAN party in a separate hall and a Stream Area with exciting formats including up-and-coming creators. The gates of the CAGGTUS are open to gaming enthusiasts from the age of 12, for the LAN party the minimum age is 18. 

About the DCMM
The International German Casemod Championship is organized by planetlan GmbH and has been an integral part of the national and international casemodding scene since the first championship in 2002. The participants work with a lot of passion on their works of art, which the fair visitors can then marvel at.