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The International German Casemod Championship celebrates its 20th anniversary at CAGGTUS in Leipzig!

From April 14th to 16th of this year, the gaming festival CAGGTUS will open its doors to fans of unusual designs and high-quality technology at its debut in Leipzig. In the following seven categories Casemods, Casecons, CE-Mods, CAM, LAN, Newcomer and Live Modding, the elite of international casemodding will present their extraordinary creations, demonstrating craftsmanship and creativity. The winners of each category will be selected by an expert jury consisting of journalists of the industry. Registration for the 24h Live Modding Challenge is possible until 19/02/23, for all other categories registration is possible until 26/02/2023 via the DCMM website.

About Casemodding - turning regular hardware into unique pieces
Grey hardware is nowhere to be found on the area of DCMM! The modders present their skills in seven categories: CaseMods (Case Modification - modified computer cases from industrial mass production), CaseCons (Case Construction - self-designed and built cases), CE-Mods (Consumer Electronics – other modified cases, except computers), Computer aided Modding (CAM - machine-made cases, by 3D printer or laser cut), LAN (LAN Challenge of four days), Best Newcomer, and the 24h Livemodding Challenge. In the last category, the participants work on a uniformly specified computer case every day - right in front of the eyes of the visitors.

20 years of casemodding history
Since the first championship in 2002, the DCMM has established itself as a worldwide event in the casmodding scene. Started with only one category, the event has grown immensely and internationalized in the past 20 years. This development is to be celebrated on the occasion of the 20th anniversary - the participating modders can expect a varied weekend in the center of the international casemodding scene. The strict separation of organization and jury has remained the same over the two decades. Once the jury members have been appointed, they decide on the evaluation of the cases without any other influence, for example by sponsors. The accommodation during the event will be provided to the participants and for the journey they will receive a travel allowance based on the number of kilometers traveled to the event location.

About CAGGTUS Leipzig
CAGGTUS Leipzig is a three-day gaming festival by the community for the community. The event is all about the shared experience of games and gaming culture - from playing with and against each other to exuberant partying and meeting friends, like-minded people and idols. The festival is divided into three parts: the Entertainment Area with interactive areas such as Freeplay, Event Stage and Expo, a LAN party in a separate hall and a Stream Area with exciting formats including up-and-coming creators. The gates of CAGGTUS are open to gaming enthusiasts aged 12 and over, with a minimum age of 18 for the LAN party.
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About DCMM
​The International German Casemod Championship is organized by planetlan GmbH and has been a fixture in the national and international casemodding scene since the first championship in 2002. The participants work with a lot of passion on their works of art, which the fair visitors can admire on site. For more information, visit